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In order to actively support our scientists in advancing their careers, we have created an individual and innovative HR development program at the University of Cologne in recent years. The focus is not exclusively on prospects within academia and our own university. In our view, modern academic HR development schemes should also be designed to open alternative career paths leading, for example, into politics, business or society.
We help our researchers shaping their own careers in a proactive and self-determined manner.  Our programm focusses on career development in research, teaching, or science management, or indeed on pursuing a career outside of academia.

Albertus Magnus Center

We consider personal orientation and further development courses very important especially for early career researchers. The Albertus Magnus Center is a central point of information and contact combining all offers for doctoral candidates and postdocs. In addition to an extensive range of seminars, we offer early career researchers the opportunity to take advantage of comprehensive personnel development measures, including mentoring programs, information & networking events, and individual coaching. We provide uncomplicated, detailed, and individual advice to doctoral candidates and those interested in a doctorate, thus ensuring a high degree of transparency and planning security in the development of their academic and non-academic careers.

Developing leadership skills

We actively support the development of scientific leaders and thus consistently drive cultural change. In addition to their responsibilities in research and teaching, academic leaders also bear leadership and management responsibilities. Today top researchers are expected to excell in the international competition for third-party-funding, to be well versed in teaching in a digital environment and to manage and develop high performing research teams. We therefore offer all researchers at the University of Cologne between doctorate and professorship the opportunity to acquire basic leadership skills and strengthen advanced ones with proven training courses, consulting & coaching, and further information.


Promoting equality and diversity

For us, gender equality and diversity are crucial success factors for innovation in all areas of university life. To this end, we at the University of Cologne continuously initiate and develop measures to ensure gender equality and manage the diversity of our university members with care and competence. With our programms we encourage both managers and members of staff to develop their competences in these areas. In addition, we offer programs focussing on a variety of topics such as the advancement of women, first-generation doctoral candidates or family friendly university.



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Our Mentoring Programmes

Developing interdisciplinary competencies

In addition to professional expertise in research and teaching, social, personal and methodical competences are basic prerequesites for a researcher's success and satisfaction in the workplace. Being well versed in disciplines such as communication, project and process management, quality management, HR management, diversity or change management, is considered vital for excelling in both university and non-university activities and in one's personal career. The University of Cologne offers its employees an extensive further education program, which is available to all researchers free of charge.



  • Marie Kaiser

    +49 221 470-8890
    +49 221 470-6712
    Geb. 124, Kerpener Str. 15,
    Raum 2.03

    Abteilungsleitung (kommissarisch) Personalentwicklung Wissenschaft

    Übergreifende Fragen zu Personalentwicklungsmaßnahmen für wissenschaftliche Beschäftigte

    Maßnahmen für wissenschaftliche Leitungskräfte

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  • Katrin Pieper

    +49 221 470-2054
    +49 221 470-6712
    Geb. 344, Berrenrather Str. 154 – 156

    Gender- und Diversity-Maßnahmen

    Leitung Gender Mentoring-Agentur & International Female Scholars Mentoring

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