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Cologne offers excellent science

In order to promote the careers of our scholars and scientists and to help them develop a wide range of professional skills, the University of Cologne has recently created an innovative human resources development programme. The focus of this programme is not exclusively on career perspectives at the University – or in academia more generally. In our opinion, modern academic human resource development should also actively support alternative career paths in the public, private or civic sectors.

We offer our scholars and scientists excellent conditions to help them actively shape their careers in research, teaching, science management or outside the university.

Albertus Magnus Center

When it comes to personal orientation and further development, the University of Cologne has a lot to offer its early-career researchers. The Albertus Magnus Center, founded in 2018, is the central point of contact and information for young researchers, bringing together all offers for doctoral candidates and postdocs. In addition to an extensive range of seminars and workshops, the Academic Staff Development of the University of Cologne also offers its early-career researchers a wide range of human resources measures, including individual coaching, mentoring programmes and information and networking events. We provide easily accessible, comprehensive and individual advice to doctoral candidates and those interested in pursuing doctorate, thus ensuring a high degree of transparency and planning security in scientific and non-scientific career development.

Developing leadership skills

We actively promote the development of academic leaders, which also entails a long-term change in our leadership culture. In addition to their tasks in research and teaching, academic leaders increasingly have to assume management responsibilities. Whether in the international competition for third-party funding, teaching in the digital age or managing and developing high-performance research teams – the demands on the skills of scholars and scientists have changed. The “Lead Excellent” programme offers all scholars and scientists at the University of Cologne the opportunity to acquire basic and advanced leadership skills. Different formats are also open to early-career researchers to prepare them for management tasks such as leading a Junior Research Group.


Promoting equality and diversity

For us, diversity and equality are decisive success factors for the ability to innovate at all levels. That is why we continuously initiate and develop measures to promote gender equality and facilitate diverse work constellations. To achieve this goal, the University also develops the intercultural and diversity skills of its leaders and employees alike. Offers include programmes for the advancement of women such as mentoring for female academics or job sharing.



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Developing interdisciplinary competencies

In addition to specialist expertise in research and teaching, social, personal and methodological skills are essential for success and satisfaction at the workplace. Especially communication, project and process management, quality management, human resources management as well as diversity and change management are key competencies for careers and both within and beyond the university. The University of Cologne offers a comprehensive continuing education programme, most of which is available free of charge to all scholars, scientists and staff.