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DAAD-Prize 2022 of the University of Cologne

From left to right: Dr. Ursula Egyptien (DAAD), Mr. Asaad Alhamzawi and Dr. Susanne Preuschoff (Head of the International Office of the University of Cologne) Photo: Christina Boland

The DAAD Prize for outstanding achievement by international students at German Universities was awarded by the University of Cologne to Mr. Asaad Alhamzawi from Syria for the year 2022.

In addition to his studies in dentistry at the University of Cologne, Asaad Alhamzawi has been involved with Caritas e.V., the Buddy Programme at the University of Cologne, the "Navigare Bildungswerkstatt" project and the Street Guard Association, among others. The 28-year-old Syrian has already completed an apprenticeship as a dental technician in Damascus and then started his studies in dentistry at the University of Cologne in 2019, building on this.

The prize was awarded on 6 October 2022 at the Welcome Reception for international students from all Cologne's universities in the historic Cologne Town Hall. The prize was presented there by Dr. Egyptien, Head of the Marketing Department at the DAAD.

The DAAD Prize is endowed by the German Academic Exchange Service and awarded by the universities. The University of Cologne has been awarding it since 1995 and has so far honoured students from over twenty different countries. The prize is awarded to international students for outstanding academic achievements, social commitment and dedication to intercultural dialogue.