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Key Profile Areas (KPAs)

Key Profile Areas (KPAs) are thematically defined research areas of high academic and/or societal relevance. They have substantial critical mass and are characterized by research at the highest international level. Research within the KPAs is transdisciplinary and integrated into networks that create synergies – both within the university and with non-university partners (such as Max Planck Institutes).

Each Key Profile Area is further developed, represented and managed by a Research Center.

Key profile areas (KPA)

Key Profile Areas are established by the Rectorate on the basis of external expert opinions and the recommendation of the Scientific Advisory Board. They are established for a period of seven years with the possibility of renewal. Existing Key Profile Areas are evaluated on a regular basis.

Videos Key Profile Areas

Aging-associated Diseases

Social and Economic Behavior

Quantum Matter and Materials

Global South Studies

Plant Sciences