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University Statistics Law

Due to the amendment to the University Statistics Law on March 6, 2016, our University is obligated to provide statistical data about its doctoral candidates to the statistical offices of the German states each year as of December 1st, 2017.

What data is requested in accordance with the University Statistics Law?

Law on statistics for university education and for universities of cooperative education (University Statistics Law - HStatG)

Section 5 survey characteristics for doctoral candidates at institutions in accordance with section 2 number 1 (universities and university hospitals)


(1) People who have received, from an institution authorized to offer a doctorate, written confirmation of acceptance as a doctoral researcher at this institution are considered to be doctoral candidates. The time of the confirmation is considered to be the start of the doctorate.


(2) The following survey characteristics are recorded each year as of December 1 for the doctoral candidates at the institutions stated in section 2 number 1:


1. Gender;

2. Month and year of birth;

3. Nationality, other nationality

4. Federal state, district and year of acquisition and type of university entrance qualification; if the university entrance qualification is acquired outside the Federal Republic of Germany, the country of acquisition;

5. Name of the university and semester and year of initial enrolment for a course of study; for initial enrolment at a university outside the Federal Republic of Germany, the country of the university;

6. Type, subject, semester, month and year of the previously completed examination certificate, examination success and overall grade of completed examinations;

7. University at which the previous certificate was obtained; if the previous certificate was obtained outside the Federal Republic of Germany, the country in which the previous certificate was obtained;

8. Name of the university at which the doctorate is being undertaken;

9. Type of doctorate;

10. Subject of doctorate;

11. Type of registration as a doctoral candidate;

12. Enrolment status as a doctoral student;

13. Month and year of start of doctorate and end of the doctoral procedure;

14. Participation in a structured doctoral program;

15. Employment relationship at the university;

16. Type of doctoral thesis.