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Postdoctoral phase

Recognized & Established Researchers, (R2 & R3)

The career paths in and after the postdoc phase are broad, both within and outside the university.
Our career development programmes for postdoctoral researchers include the following objectives:

  • Transparency about the various career paths for doctoral degree holders (within and outside academia)
  • Consolidation of an individual strategy for the next career steps
  • Providing know-how about the application process for a professorship and outside academia
  • Expanding interdisciplinary skills such as leadership, communication and presentation skills

All of these topics are addressed in the form of support offers and coaching, workshops and impulse formats, networking events and mentoring programmes.

To allow a better differentiation of our target groups, we apply the European Framework of Reference for Scientific Careers:

First Stage Researchers (R1)                Doctoral candidates
Recognized Researchers (R2) Doctorate degree (PhD) holders or equivalent who are not yet fully independent
Established Researchers (R3)     Researchers who have developed a level of independence, e.g. research group leaders, junior-/tenure-track-professors
Leading Researchers (R4)  Researchers leading their research area or field, e.g. full professors, ERC Consolidator or Advanced Grant holders