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Services and funding

The University of Cologne has created a broad spectrum of support for research and researchers: from internal funding programs to comprehensive support for third-party funded projects to the development of interdisciplinary skills.

Claus Cursiefen

Promoting and supporting research and education in all areas and scholars and scientists at all career stages is our highest concern.

Claus Cursiefen, Vice-Rector for Research
Internal support

Our internal funding opportunities:

Research Management Division

We support you in your research projects:

The Research Management Division advises and supports you throughout the entire research life cycle.

If you are still at the beginning of your project, you are welcome to contact Research Management for advice at an early stage. Among other things, you will receive support in finding suitable external funding.

During the application and project phase, the project managers of the individual departments will assist you so that the pre- and post-award phase is efficiently managed and supervised.

Expert advice:

Personal development:

In order to provide the best possible support for scholars and scientists at all stages of their careers, the University of Cologne offers a wide range of opportunities to strengthen interdisciplinary skills and acquire soft skills.