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Cologne Summer School


A Digi-Journey through Asia and Germany


Summer schools have been one of the main tools to promote student exchanges, specifically from the outgoing student perspective. Due to COVID pandemic restrictions, a virtual summer school was, for the first time, organized in 2021, in cooperation with Symbiosis International University (India) and Pembangunan Jaya University (Indonesia), titled “A Digi-Journey through India, Indonesia and Germany”.

This year’s edition (2022) of our Cologne Summer School in Asia focuses on providing participants with the best possible intercultural digital experience. Even though the travel restrictions and ongoing pandemic are preventing us from traveling around the globe, we plan a virtual trip to India, Indonesia, China and Germany. The ultimate aim is for participants to acquire basic cultural and intercultural knowledge of the four countries presented within this summer school.

Each of the four partner universities launches its first session with intercultural sensitization activities, followed by hands-on history and language classes. The various interactive digital activities include virtual city tours and field trips, cooking, dance lessons, and many more.

Please find more information and the call for our 2022 Digi Summer School here!