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2nd Cologne Conference on Food for Future

13. - 14. September

Kompetenzfeld Food Security



The general objective of the conference is to bring together scientists with different expertise to discuss cross-disciplinary aspects of the future of crop plant cultivation and food production, development of new products & processes, land use change in urban and peri-urban agriculture and the impact of development on everyday rural livelihood to ensure global food and nutrition security. 

This year’s conference focuses on:

  • Plant-Environment Interactions
  • Food and Rural Livelihoods
  • Urbanization and Development
  • Functional Food

We aim to provide an opportunity for a lively exchange among all stakeholders in the Food Security field.

The conference is jointly organised by the University of Cologne, Competence Area “Food Security” and the Institute of Geography.

Conference registration is open until 27th August 2021. We call for short talks or poster presentations. Outstanding talks or posters will be recognized by awards.