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From Concepts to Clinic: a New Era of Nucleic Acid Therapeutics

CMMC Symposium in Molecular Medicine

18. - 20. September

Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

MTI-Lecture Hall of the Faculty of Medicine (Building 44b)
located between the Joseph-Stelzmann-Str. and Robert-Koch-Str. - Access via the "Studentenweg"
50931 Cologne


Nucleic acid-based compounds are highly target-specific and, compared to other classes of therapeutics, relatively simple to manufacture for therapeutic purposes. It is now the time to overcome the last hurdles towards the widespread application of this therapeutic opportunity in a growing number of diseases. This goal requires an in-depth understanding of the chemical, biological and clinical challenges in the field.

The CMMC Symposium 2023 - integrating the 37th Ernst Klenk Symposium - will address these challenges and provide insight into the state-of-the-art pharmaceutical development.

Top experts in the field of nucleic acid therapeutics will report and discuss the latest advances in the following six sessions:
Session 1 - Nucleic acid chemistry (Innate Immunity)
Session 2 - Nucleic acids delivery and visualization
Session 3 - Technology and future applications (e.g. mRNAs, ncRNAs)
Session 4 - Technology and applications development (e.g. Aptamers, RNAi, snRNAs, ASO)
Session 5 - CRISPR and RNA-protein interaction and modulation
Session 6 - Preclinical and clinical application

These sessions will be rounded off by two keynote lectures and a poster session.

  • Free registration and participation
  • Certified with 17 CME Credits

Further information: https://www.cmmc-uni-koeln.de/events/cmmc-symposium-2023