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Sustainable Megacities: Health, Risks, Resources

May 6th, 2021 | Virtual event

„Sustainable Megacities: Health, Risks, Resources“

The time for making megacities more sustainable is running short; but where millions of people live together in diverse communities, creativity, solidarity, and innovation are likely bound to unfold. Let’s envision the premises of life in more sustainable megacities and examine which strategies have already succeeded and what tools we need to ensure they are truly sustainable. Join our panel discussion with Dr. Anna Petit Boix of the University of Freiburg, as well as experts from the University of Cologne (Professor Frauke Kraas) and Heidelberg University. More information can be found here.

Main Event by the University of Cologne New York Office, the German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH) New York, and the NY liaison offices of the universities Heidelberg and Freiburg.



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