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The Black Lives Matter movement in the United States

This presentation outlines the history of the Black Lives Matter movement in the United states, beginning with its emergence in 2015. The movement's founders and their goals are also introduced. A comparison is drawn to previous movements for civil rights, before ending on numerous examples of where BLM has been active in the United States.

Living while Black in the USA

To investigate the multitudinous experiences of Black people in the United States, this group created a series of presentations, coalesced into one. The topics cover American history from the 18th century to today, and a wide variety of themes.

BLM in Europe

The Black Lives Matter movement in Europe was discussed in this podcast, focusing on Germany in particular. First, the group looked at the movement’s origins and protests, before focusing on police brutality and finishing with an examination of performative activism. The topics were studied independently and then discussed in the group.

CW: Personal experiences with police violence and brutality against Black people are shared.

Living while Black in Europe and its colonies

The focus of this project is the experience of BIPOCs (Black, Indigenous, and Persons/People of Color) in Europe and its colonies. 

Black Arts & Performance

This project can be seen as an artwork in itself whilst, at the same time, offering a critical examination of Black arts and performance. The narration is supported by a magnificent collection of images and short clips which speak to the broad range of Black art.

Podcast: Gender and Sexuality

A Global Perspective on Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement has reached activists outside of the United States but also been influenced by ideas and people from around the globe. This website highlights a global perspective on the movement with essays about Malcolm X in Ghana, Pan-Africanism and African diasporic groups in Germany. Art inspired by Black political groups is also shown on the website.

The Cult of the Lost Cause

This group created a website to document their journey to discover what the Cult of the Lost Cause was and how it continues to impact social injustice today. The website explains how a narrative about the Civil War was created which claimed that the issue of slavery was not central to the struggle and exposes how this ideology’s tendrils reach into contemporary issues.

A History of Lynching

This group created a website as an educational space to give shape to their ongoing conversation on racial violence, both of the past and the present. The site connects historical understandings of lynching to modern day enactments of racial violence and reveals how the institution of policing in the U.S. is racialized. Furthermore, it invites the viewer to formulate new questions, understandings, and spaces of introspection.

The Carceral State