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Black Lives Matter: Historical Legacies and Global Perspectives

Foto: S. Hackenesch

Project Information


Student's Voices: Group Projects

To foster a transatlantic dialogue the students were asked to work on group projects which would expand on a topic from the course. Having been given free rein on the format, the students created a wide range of results which we are excited to present.


Lecturers' voices

Dr. Silke Hackenesch and Dr. Tiffany Florvil met with Dr. Johannes Müller, project leader of the IVAC program. They discussed the importance of approaching this very current topic of Black Lives Matter pedagogically and from a global perspective.

A Transatlantic Conversation on BLM

Dr. Silke Hackenesch and Dr. Tiffany Florvil held a virutal discussion and interactive Q&A on “Society In Transition: A Transatlantic Conversation On Black Lives Matter”