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Cologne Summer School on Migration in August 2023

The subject of the Cologne Summer School 2023 is migration from a global perspective. Human mobility across the globe has become an essential aspect of modern societies: We will tackle the topic of migration in its multifaceted aspects and effects with diverse disciplinary approaches from a global point of view. In Economics, Legal and Social Sciences, History, Education, Arts, and Humanities, we will explore the causes and conditions for different forms of migration. The sessions will include questions about migration policies, nation-states, ethnic diversity, and social cohesion. Moreover, we will examine the relationship between colonial history and (forced) migration of the 21st century. We will ask what an international perspective – beyond the regional and national – contributes to the research on migration.

For two and a half weeks, 24 selected participants will meet for hybrid lectures and seminars, onsite workshops, and study trips in Cologne. Twelve selected online participants will join them in the first ten days of the academic and cultural program.

During the first ten days of the Summer School, lecturers from UoC and partner Universities will present and discuss concepts and case studies from different disciplinary fields in a hybrid setting for onsite and online students. In the second week, the academic program will consist of study trips and site visits to German and international institutions situated in Cologne and the Rhineland concerning the topic of migration (e.g., public institutions in the economic, legal, and social realm, museums, educational and political associations, NGOs). A student project with a presentation at the end of the Summer School will reflect on and deepen the insights into human mobility from a global perspective.

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