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Cologne Summer School on Equality of Opportunity from July 18 - August 3, 2022

Fairness and equality are topics with high societal value in today’s world. Societies become more sensitive to inequality and are implementing measures on different levels to try to compensate for unfairness. But how do we define inequality? Is it just about differences in income and wealth distribution, achievement, access to education or other goods? How do we prioritize and handle unfairness to best individual’s interest?

The questions we will be asking during the summer school are sorted into the following subtopics: Politics, Economics, Social Sciences, Psychology, Health, Teacher Education, Arts and Culture


We will embark on this academic journey by diving into different disciplines and have workshops and lectures with scholars with economic, sociological, educational, health, psychological and art and cultures background. The goal of this program is to introduce students to the current research in various academic fields associated with inequality and address the topic of inequality with discipline-specific methodological lens. We will approach the definitions of (in)equality and the current challenges that every discipline identifies. If for the area of teacher education it could be multiculturalism and its implications for language acquisition in school, economists discuss where to set priorities - on the distribution of wealth world-wide meaning equality of outcome or on raising opportunities in the lower social classes (equality of opportunity).

The common ground is to be discussed on a interdisciplinary scale. The learning outcome of the programme is to provide knowledge about scientifically different approaches to (in)equality, contextualisation of the phenomena on a interdisciplinary level and in-depth analysis in the academic fields. Participants will benefit from the opportunity to get acquainted with „non-native“ methods and engage in in-depth discussions with international students from various cultural and academic backgrounds. Finally, we will debate on the questions what could be discipline-specific definitions of balance between (in)equality and fairness and how can we achieve equality without comprimising fairness, individual freedoms and rights.

Join us for our 10-year anniversary

This year we have a very special reason to celebrate. Cologne Summer Schools turns 10 years!

We are inviting you to celebrate with us on July 16th and 17th. The selected applicants who will participate onsite in Cologne will be invited to arrive on July 15th and join us for the celebration events. Accommodation costs and catering will be covered by us. Stay tuned for more updates.

We are looking forward to celebrating this wonderful milestone with you.

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