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Africa has been at the focal point of research at the University of Cologne since the 1950s. Topics concerning the African Continent are addressed by a multitude of research-groups, individuals and Institutes from a diverse array of perspectives and Faculties. The University of Cologne currently works with 36 partner institutions in the African Continent.

In 2008 the Cologne Africa Studies Center was founded, which marked the institutionalization of various year-long research projects. The center supports faculty specific and interdisciplinary, Africa related projects, both in basic and applied sciences at the University of Cologne. The center has a multi-regional focus with cooperation in the south (South Africa, Namibia), east (Kenya, Uganda, Tansania), west (Benin), central (Chad), and north (Marocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Sudan) Africa.  The cooperation between the Humanities and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, also stands out as an asset in interdisciplinary work occurring at the University of Cologne with an Africa focus. A particular example of this cooperation is the research project “Culture and Landscape Change in Arid Africa” to read more visit: http://uni-koeln.de/sfb389/.