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Follow Sonja teaching in the schoolgarden of the Omomas Care Center in Namibia

Sonja is studying at the University of Cologne to become a Biology teacher. She was awarded a travel grant by the Food Security Competence Area to support her practical training in the self-suffiency school garden at the Omomas Care Center in the south of Namibia.  In addition to a school education, the disadvantaged kids supervised at Omomas are prepared for the challenges of a self-determined life. In the affiliated self-sufficiency school garden, the kids learn how to cultivate fruit and vegetables with the aim of becoming self-sufficient and increasing acceptance for a balanced and healthy diet. Together with the pupils, Sonja plants Bambara groundnut and Gem Squash - both are considered orphan crops.

We can follow Sonja from March 7th to 11th in an Instagram Takeover and watch her teach cultivation, harvest and processing of these crops.