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Research Units Subprojects

FOR 1228: Molecular Pathogenesis of Myofi brillar Myopathies
Professor Dr. Gabriele Pfitzer
Institute of Vegetative Physiology
Phone: +49 221 478 6950

FOR 1452: Marketing of hedonic media products in the context of digital social media
Prof. Dr. Franziska Völckner
Department of Marketing and Brand Management
Phone: +49 221 470 7886
Prof. Dr. Detlef Schoder
Department of Information Systems & Information Management
Phone: + 49 221 470 5325

FOR 1806: The Forgotten Part of Carbon Cycling: Organic Matter Storage and Turnover in Subsoils (SUBSOM)
Prof. Dr. Janet Rethemeyer
Institute for Geology & Mineralogy
Phone: +49 221 478 7317

FOR 1961: Mature T-Cell Lymphomas – mechanisms of perturbed clonal T-cell homeostasis
Professor Dr. Hinrich Abken
Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne (CMMC)
Phone: +49 221 478 89614

FOR 2125: Structures, properties and reactions of carbonates at high temperatures and pressures: Structural, electronic and thermodynamic properties of carbonates at high pressures and temperatures by in situ spectroscopy and atomic-scale simulations
Professor Dr. Sandro Jahn
Institute for Geology and Mineralogy
Phone: +49 221 470 4963

FOR 2251: Adaptation and persistence of the emerging pathogen Acinetobacter baumannii
Dr. Paul Higgins
Institute for für Medical Mikrobiology, Immunology and Hygiene
Phone: +49 221 478 32011

FOR 2288: Journalliteratur: Formatbedingungen, visuelles Design, Rezeptionskulturen
Dr. Daniela Gretz
Univ.-Professor Dr. Nicolas Pethes
Institut für Deutsche Sprache und Literatur I
Phone: +49 221 470 2460

FOR 2358: The Mountain Exile Hypothesis:How humans benefitted from and re-shaped African high altitude ecosystems during Quarternary climatic changes; TP 1: Archäology and Archäozoology: When did humans conquer high mountaíns?-The making of a tropical alpine human environment
Dr. Ralf Vogelsang
Institute for Pre- and Early History
Phone: +49 221 470 6795

FOR 2743: Mechanical Stress Protection
Prof. Dr. Thomas Benzing
Clinic II of Internal Medicine
Phone: +49 221 4784480