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Available Courses within the 'Studium Integrale'

These courses of the Cologne Global Study Program are available to Bachelor and Erasmus students of the University of Cologne within their 'Studium Integrale' during the summer semester 2020. Each Course is for two hours a week and you will recieve 3ECTS. The teaching lesson will be english. 

Registration: Request via email ( or during the registration phase starting 03 April 2020.

In the summer semester 2020 the following five courses are available: 

Post-Communism – the first decade. “Revolutions” and „Transitions” in Eastern Europe after the collapse of Communist Rule 1989-1999 (15304.0091)

Memories of Weimar. Or, European history in a nutshell (15304.0094)

Digitalisation and Sustainable Development in Europe and beyond (15304.0096)

Introduction to Public International Law and European Union Law (15304.0097)

Democracy and the European Union (15304.0099)



For further information see down below.

Economy and Society

Politics and Law

Culture and History