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Albert's Researcher Conference Scholarships

▬ For Conferences in Cologne Organised by the University of Cologne or Affiliated Institutes ▬


Currently there are no Conference Scholarships available.


Mobility grant of up to 5 (five) days (= 80 € per diem allowance for up to 4 overnight stays) for former international scholars of the UoC for participation in conferences in Cologne (congress/workshop/scientific meeting) organised by the UoC or affiliated Institutes.


Travel allowances might also be granted.

Application is possible anytime.

Applicants should have formerly been affiliated with the University of Cologne (UoC) for at least six months (as fellow, contracted researcher, international guest scholar or Graduate of an International PhD School). 

Applicants should hold a position in a University, Research Institute or Institution of Higher Education outside of Germany and should not reside in Germany.

Applications have to be submitted in conjunction with and need to be supported by a senior researcher of the UoC (contracted Postdoc-Researcher or Professor).

Preference will be given to those applications which are submitted with a view to continue, renew or built a sustainable research cooperation between the applicant and the host at UoC.

The selection committee is composed of the Vice Rector for Research, the Vice Rector for International Relations and the Head of the International Office. Decisions are communicated within 30 days after submission.

Please submit applications to: researcher.alumni(at)