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China-NRW Alliance


The China-NRW University Alliance comprises five of North Rhine-Westphalia’s top universities that joined their interests in this strategic alliance to further develop and actively shape their relations to their partners in China.

The vast potential of promising cooperation activities and the importance of our relations to institutions in the People's Republic of China made us decide to actively develop our cooperation portfolio in the People's Republic of China. Our activities include the operation of an on-site infrastructure as a core component - close to our partners, in the DAAD German University Office in Beijing.
China-NRW Cooperation Portal

The China-NRW Cooperation Portal serves as one of the key instruments of communication and coordination for our various activities:

1. Support of the core processes of the joint activities conducted by the members of the China-NRW University Alliance and their associated partners.

2. Provision of a platform for the exchange of information and knowledge between persons and institutions cooperating in Chinese-German contexts.

3. Contact point for persons and institutions that are interested in the ongoing initiatives and projects with Chinese and German cooperation partners.


About the China-NRW University Alliance

The China-NRW University Alliance encompasses five of North Rhine-Westphalia’s top universities, aiming to actively shape their relationships to partner institutions in China.

The "land" North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) – located in the heart of Europe – continues to excel further as one of Europe’s key drivers for growth and prosperity: In the year 2007 North Rhine-Westphalia’s 18.009 million inhabitants generated a gross domestic product (GDP) of more than 529.8 billion EUR, including 174.1 billion EUR in exports. A solid and highly developed infrastructure, a thriving and innovative research landscape, and a culturally rich and creative environment lay the ground for the sustained success of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Rooted in their tradition of academic excellence combined with innovativeness and cosmopolitanism five of North Rhine-Westphalia’s top universities joined their interests in a strategic alliance to further develop and actively shape their relations to their much valued partners in China: 

The China-NRW University Alliance shall provide a basis for the further development of partner networks to facilitate and support cooperation activities in mutually beneficial relationships. The alliance is coordinated by the University of Cologne and offers an appealing service-portfolio which is tailored to the needs of interested partners in academia, the corporate world and public institutions.


Summer Schools in China

Please see our brochure for more information on summer schools in China available for students of our China-NRW Alliance partners.


Scholarships for studying in China

If you are interested in spending a semester abroad in China, please see the CSC Stipendium page or have a look at the respective part in our brochure


Contacts at the UoC


Dr. Susanne Preuschoff

Head of Department "International Students" (Abt.92)
Academic Cooperation Asia, Africa and Middle East
University of Cologne
International Office
Universitätsstr. 22a
D-50923 Koeln

Tel.: +49 (0) 221-470-4089

Sarah-Marleen Dannenberg, M.Phil.

is the Project Coordinator of DIES ProGRANT Proposal Writing Courses and the Center for Modern Indian Studies at the International Office. This includes the financial management, administrative coordination and scholar support for both projects. Additionally, she is involved in any India-related activities and organizes the summer school in India. Sarah obtained her Master's degree in Linguistics.

Tel.: +49 (0) 221-470-7494

Pawel Gawronski, B.A.

Pawel Gawronski is a Student Regional Assistant with focus on China. He is responsible for China Summer Schools, Chinese Council Scholarship and general support for China activities.