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The CYM+ Sustainable Internationalisation project is a cooperation project between the universities of  University of Yangon, the University of Mandalay and the University of Cologne and based on over 22 years of successful cooperation. The increased importance of internationalisation in the field of Higher Education gives cause to the main goal of this project; develop and improve the institutionalisation of sustainable internationalisation in all partner universities. Internationalisation plays a role at all levels of a university structure, which is why improving and further developing this aspect, has the potential to play into all departments and be of benefit for all stakeholders at the university.  

This projects coordinates workshops in two different tracks targeting:

  1. Educational Managers:  able to influence and further develop internationalisation efforts at their universities (for example: international office staff, deans, vice rectors, etc.)
  2. Professors and Researchers: who seek to further internationalize their research according to international standards.

The project began in 2018 and is funded through 2021.