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Photo: Fabian Stürtz

History of the University & Cologne University Archive

Cologne University Archive

The archive serves as the memory of the university, collecting all historically relevant documents.
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University Chronicle

Whereas many universities owe their founding to important religious figures or secular regents, the University of Cologne was founded by citizens of the city. That explains why the University of Cologne is still regarded as a city university: not only was it founded by the citizens of Cologne, but its campus is located right in the city centre.
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A Brief History of Cologne University

At the occasion of its 600th anniversary in 1988, the university published an extensive history of the University of Cologne in three volumes, which appeared with Böhlau. Erich Meuthen wrote the first volume, and in a short overview he first described the history of the old university (1388–1798), celebrating the height of its prosperity in the 15th century.

University Rectors

This list contains all university rectors since the founding of the "new university" in 1919, from Professor Christian Eckert to Professor Axel Freimuth.
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Portraits of the Rectors

Portraits of all rectors from 1919 to 2001 
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