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Eduventure ViM Incomings


The Eduventure Virtual Mobility (ViM) offers of the University of Cologne (UoC) are adressing students from our numerous worldwide partner universities and invite them to experience a UoC classroom without leaving their own campus. 

Applying for Eduventure ViM offers will enable you to be enrolled for one specific course and grant you full access to this course. You would participate like any other student and share an intercultural learning environment. As these english-taught courses are regularly offered courses of the UoC, particpants include regular UoC students, Erasmus exchange-students as well as international exchange-students. Successful participation will be rewarded with regular ECTS, documented on a course transcript, which is providing the possiblity to transfer the performance to your respective study program. In addition, you will receive the Certificate of Virtual Moblity by the International Office of the UoC, underlining the exceptional character of this learning experience. Beyond the knowledge transfer in a specific thematic field, you will be able to improve valuable skills such as communicative and intercultural abilities.

Key facts:

  • full access to one course of choice
  • no enrollment fee
  • language of instruction: English (unless specified otherwise)
  • semester duration: 2 Nov 2020 - 12 Feb 2021 (course duration may vary, compare course descriptions)
  • ECTS + Certificate of Virtual Mobility (upon completing individual course requirements)
  • application deadline: 28 Oct 2020



  • Contact your International Office and ask to be registered for the Eduventure offers of the UoC. 
  • If you´re eligible, you will be enrolled for your course of choice as a guest student (free of charge) of the UoC
  • You will receive access to the online course folder

Apply now! Courses are currently open for registration and availability is based on a first-come-first-served basis!

Further questions? Contact us via

Course Descriptions

Please keep in mind:

  • Language of instruction is English (unless stated otherwise)
  • Semester duration (2 Nov 2020 - 12 Feb; individual courses may differ)
  • Course times are CET