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Information for Applicants

Participant Profile:

Highly motivated researchers and phD holders that are at the beginning or middle stages of their research career. Applicants from all disciplines (except for clinical medicine), who are planning on initiating a research project and wish to develop a promising research proposal to be sent to national or international funding agencies are welcome to apply. 

EU citizens are not eligible for the program. 

Geographic Scope: Applicants to each course are expected to be from the host country and neighboring region, a more detailed list for all 2020 courses can be found under Course Offerings.

Course Structure & Application Period

  1. Online Self-Study
  2. Remote Seminar I
  3. Intermediate E-Learning Section
  4. On-Site Seminar II

Click here for futher information about the course structure.


Data Protection: All information provided by participants during the application process will be kept private and confidential at all times and only be used for purposes of the application process. This data will only be available to our staff, and will at no point be distributed to a third-party.

Number of participants:

For the first section, up to 100 applicants will be selected. At the end of the section, all participants have to submit a three-page proposal. A selection of 30 participants will be made according to the quality of the uploaded proposal.

Application Requirements:


We request that you submit a 2-page exposé (approximately 5.000 characters) outlining your intended research project. This exposé should include the following sections and information:

  1. Applicant name, disciplinary area of the proposal, and title of the project (approximately 100 characters) 
  2. Introduction of scientific background: Please introduce your research idea: Based on pertinent literature, please briefly demonstrate that there is a research gap and a need for this gap to be filled.
  3. Aim of the project: Please state the aim of your intended research.
  4. Approach: Briefly describe the procedure- e.g. the methods you are going to apply in order to achieve the aim of your project.
  5. Relevance: Briefly state the expected results, explain the relevance your project might have for scientific and, if applicable, non-scientific stakeholders.

In case you know already, please indicate the funding agency you want to apply to.

Academic CV

Please provide a brief 1-page resumé of your academic career.

Letter of Support

We ask that you submit a 1-page Letter of Support from the University you are affiliated with. Your home institution should provide information about your relationship to, and functions at the University, and express support in you participating in the DIES ProGRANT course. In case you have been selected for the course, please present another letter of support from your superiors, which will guarantee your full-time participation.

Online Application

An online application will be made available as soon as the application period begins. Please fill out all fields and upload all other application requirements on that form. Please check our Course Offerings. There you will find the respective link to the online application.