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Plea for climate protection and sustainability

In light of current debates and initiatives on sustainable climate protection, the University of Cologne advocates for a sustainable strategy for the protection of the climate and the preservation of the foundations of human life.

The University expressly supports the statement of the Scientists for Future initiative on the protests for more climate protection, which has been joined by numerous renowned scientists.

An overwhelming amount of climate research has presented solid evidence that we are currently experiencing massive climate change. This scientific evidence also shows that humans can influence this change through a number of factors and prevent the most negative effects.

The University of Cologne therefore strongly urges decision makers to base the development of a sustainable strategy on these facts – to protect the climate and preserve the foundations of human life. In particular, it advocates integrating existing scientific expertise more strongly into political and social discussions and decision-making processes.


Rector Professor Dr. Axel Freimuth

I welcome the call for stronger political action to protect our climate, taking into account the latest research and scientific findings

Rector Professor Dr. Axel Freimuth

The University’s constitution obliges it to contribute to a sustainable, peaceful, and democratic world in research and teaching.

This includes efforts to bring the topic of climate change and the attendant scientific findings to the attention of the public –  for example through lectures, lecture series, the KölnerJuniorUni, the media, and social debates.

More information on the University's Orientation Framework for Sustainability and Climate Protection.


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