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Morphomata Podcast Series: Ethology - Claims and Limits of a Lost Dicipline

04 June

Internationales Kolleg Morphomata


Online- Podcast


Ethology – Claims and Limits of a Lost Discipline

Podcast Series, Summer 2020 – Organized by: Martin Roussel, Andrea Allerkamp ‘Ethology – Claims and Limits of a Lost Discipline’ was planned as a Cologne conference, in which an interdisciplinary assessment of the ‘lost discipline’ of behavioral research between ethics and ontology, anthropology and its critique, between ecology and the history of science was to be carried out. The contact and travel restrictions in the context of the Corona pandemic have made new planning necessary: a series of podcasts – in audio or video format – replaces the conference:

7 May – Mar t in Rous sel , Cologne & Andrea Alle rkamp, Frankfurt (Oder)
14 May – Anthony Uhlmann, Sydney
28 May – Hanjo Ber res sem, Cologne
4 June – Marc Röl l i , Leipzig
18 June – Adr i an Robanus , Cologne
25 June – Mir jam Schaub, Halle
2 July – S tephan Zand t , Berlin
9 July – Sophia Gräfe , Marburg

in discussion with: Kerstin Andermann (Lüneburg/Dresden), Verena Andermatt Conley (Harvard), Katja Diefenbach (Stuttgart), Marie-Eve Morin (Alberta), Stefan Rieger (Bochum)