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Light Up for Mito: CECAD Research Center lights up green

On Saturday, 25 September, Collaborative Research Center 1218, which studies Mitochondrial Regulation of Cellular Function, and the CECAD Cluster of Excellence for Aging Research will participate in the worldwide campaign ‘Light Up for Mito’. Starting at 8 p.m., the CECAD Research Center will light up green.

Mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells and provide us with energy. In particular, cells that need a lot of energy, like muscle cells, nerve cells or oocytes, have many mitochondria. But what happens if the mitochondria do not function properly? Mitochondrial diseases (Mito) are debilitating genetic disorders that deplete the body's cells of energy and lead to multiple organ dysfunction, organ failure and possibly death. These diseases can cause any symptom in any organ at any age, making Mito difficult to diagnose. ‘World Mitochondrial Disease Week’ from September 19 to 25 raises awareness for disorders caused by mitochondrial dysfunction. For the finale, monuments and buildings worldwide will be illuminated in green. The CECAD building in Cologne will also participate.

Saturday, 25 September 2021, 8 p.m.
‘Light Up for Mito’
CECAD Research Center, Cluster of Excellence at the University of Cologne, Joseph-Stelzmann-Straße 26, 50931 Cologne

‘Although 1 in 200 people carry the genetic changes that can lead to mitochondrial diseases, few have heard of it. That's why events like “Light Up for Mito” are so important,’ said Professor Dr. Elena Rugarli, spokesperson for CRC 1218 and working group leader at CECAD.

CRC 1218, the Max Planck Institute for Ageing Research, and CECAD are also accompanying ‘World Mitochondrial Disease Week’ on social media (Twitter and Facebook) with insights into mitochondrial research. Scientists studying mitochondrial function and their role in disease conditions closely cooperate in Cologne as part of CRC 1218 and CECAD.

Media Contact:
Professorin Dr. Elena Rugarli
Institute for Genetics
+49 221 478 84244

Press and Communications Team:
Dr. Anna Euteneuer
+49 221 478 84043

Further Information:
Für weitere Informationen und um zu sehen, wo auf der ganzen Welt noch andere Lichter für Mito leuchten werden, besuchen Sie