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Cellular aging – Order is half the battle

19. Mai
18:30 Uhr - 20:00 Uhr

Wissenschaft in Kölner Häusern

VHS – Innenstadt,
Cäcilienstraße 29-33,
50676 Köln


What happens in our cells when they age? With increasing age, the efficiency of the body and thus of each individual cell decreases. Processes are slower and people are more susceptible to infections. But why is that and what exactly happens in our cells during this process? Dr. Lena Pernas explains how our cells defend themselves against infections. Prof. Vilchez shows us how the cells in our body keep order and that order in the cell is essential for longevity. Too much clutter restricts the cell in its function. So it has to be cleaned out every day. The explanations of the two experts are embedded in an exhibition on aging by Steffi Sommer at the VHS, which can be visited in this context.
Speakers: Dr. Lena Pernas, Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing and Prof. Dr. David Vilchez, CECAD – Cluster of Excellence in Aging Research at the University of Cologne

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