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Online Events

Due to the corona pandemic, all attendance events are cancelled until further notice.
The calendar therefore only lists online events.

Folding and refolding human chromosomes : implications for understanding disease

06. November
12:00 Uhr - 13:30 Uhr

Epi Club Epigenetics and Genome Stability in cooperation with the CMMC



Argyris Papantonis , Ph.D
Professor of Translational Epigenetics, Institute of Pathology, University Medical Centre Göttingen , Germany

Argyris Papantonis is a former Junior Research Group leader at CMMC and a current professor of Translational Epigenetics at the University Medical Centre Göttingen. The main focus of his group is dissecting the molecular basis of the structure-to-function relationship of mammalian genomes, particularly how changes along the linear chromatin translate into spatial networks and cause different gene expression programs.