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Third Mission

Scientific further education

Competences acquired during studies or vocational training are often no longer sufficient in an increasingly digitized world. Continuing education is becoming more and more important. On one hand, it is helpful in ensuring the continuous qualification of skilled workers in the face of rapid technological, demographic and global developments. On the other hand, it offers possibility to fulfil individual personal and professional development needs. A distinction is made here between vocational further training and scientific further education.

Scientific further education comprises courses that are at university level in terms of content and didactics. They are usually concluded with a Master’s degree or a certificate. The UoC’s Business School currently offers the part-time Cologne-Rotterdam Executive MBA, which is supplemented by certificate programmes in Health Care Management and Digital Innovation. The Faculty of Law offers further education in Business Law. At the Mercator Institute for Literacy and Language Education, teachers from schools and adult education institutions can complete the further education course in German as a Foreign Language.