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Third Mission

Science communication

Science communication is of central importance for the University of Cologne: it creates awareness for new discoveries, places research results in a broader context and strengthens confidence in the science system through public dialogue. At the same time, it accompanies science critically and questions developments with regard to their ethical and social effects. In doing so, it meets the legitimate demands of society and politics to learn more from research.

The UoC is a strong and award-winning player in science PR, coordinated by its Division of Communications and Marketing. The University’s magazine, Kölner Universitätsmagazin (in German), provides information about current UoC research as well as student and campus life both online and in print. The UoC also communicates in all relevant social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube).

Within the framework of the planned UoC Science Communication Center, science communication will be expanded and further professionalized to make research even more accessible to a broader audience.