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Third Mission

Research transfer

Research transfer is one of the central activities of the Third Mission. It includes using research for technology and innovation transfer as well as conveying research results to a broader audience.

Research is particularly useful for people who want to set up their own companies. That is why the University supports potential founders – students, staff and researchers – in the area start-up and innovation.  In addition, cooperation with companies in the framework of joint projects or commissioned work plays an important role. Thus, the University of Cologne is an important hub in the region’s innovation network.

The most important channel of knowledge transfer is teaching. The University therefore places great importance on ensuring that teaching in all disciplines ties in with current research results – especially from the Key Profile Areas and Competence Areas of our research profile. Science communication moreover engages the public and stakeholders from all areas of life in the academic debate. Last but not least, the activities of individual research areas strengthen knowledge transfer (e.g. Wallraf Digital as an innovative communication tool).