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Monitoring and evaluation

Student Entry Survey

The aim of the study entry survey is to enable a better understanding of the different starting conditions and specific needs of new students as well as to obtain feedback on possible problems during the transition into the university world.

Every semester, hundreds of people with a wide variety of backgrounds and prior knowledge begin their studies at the University of Cologne. One of the purposes of the study entry survey is to learn more about these different starting conditions and to answer the following questions, among others: What role do educational origins, migration status, or previous schooling and vocational training play in entering a course of study? How well does integration into the university world and the new social environment work? What obligations besides studying are particularly burdensome? How does all this affect student satisfaction? In addition, critical feedback on the information, advising and support services offered by the University of Cologne specifically to first-year students is also to be obtained.

The survey is designed as a quantitative online survey with a length of approx. 15 minutes, to which the students are invited via their S-MAIL account towards the end of their first university semester. A raffle will also be held as part of the survey in the winter semester of 2021/2022.

Student surveys

The University of Cologne regularly conducts surveys of its students in cooperation with external partners. This includes, in particular, "The Student Survey in Germany" in cooperation with the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW).

Survey of graduates

The survey of graduates aims to gain an insight into the course of studies and the connections between the studies at the University of Cologne and the later professional success of graduates.

Since 2008, the university-wide survey of the previous graduating class (PJ) has taken place as part of the mandatory biennial participation in the "Kooperationsprojekt Absolventenstudien" (KOAB) of the Institute for Applied Statistics (ISTAT).

For the intermediate years, a UoC-own survey was additionally developed together with the faculties and the central institutions, which was successfully tested for the first time for the survey of the PJ2015. After only graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences were surveyed in PJ2017, the UzK's own survey has been conducted university-wide in a biennial rotation since the PJ2019 survey as before.

The results of the survey of graduates are included in the faculty reports in addition to the systemic use in the QM system in Studies & Teaching. In addition, special evaluations are carried out as needed, for example for the Financial Times Ranking, as well as cross-survey evaluations on various topics, such as diversity, changing and dropping out of studies.