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The evaluation software EvaSys at the University of Cologne

EvaSys at the University of Cologne

With the provision of the evaluation software EvaSys (campus model), faculties and central institutions of the University of Cologne are supported by the EvaSys team of Q³ especially in the field of evaluation of studies and teaching according to § 7 (para. 2) and § 4 HG NRW.

Functionality and use of EvaSys

EvaSys is a software that can be used to evaluate courses offered by the faculties as well as continuing education, counseling, information and service offerings of the central institutions. The software enables both simple paper and online surveys as well as complex hybrid surveys with password use or the use of TANs (transaction numbers) and QR codes.

Prerequisites for the use of EvaSys are the setup of a subarea in the evaluation system, the provision of a scanner with an intake device, and compliance with data protection regulations (creation of a processing directory).


EvaSys support for faculties and institutions of the University of Cologne includes:

  • Advice and assistance on the use of EvaSys and its operating elements
  • Consulting on the use and adaptation of EvaSys in the specific institutional environment
  • Assistance in clarifying technical and organizational framework conditions for the use of EvaSys
  • Support in the creation of processing directories