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Evaluation, Development & Accreditation

In order to further optimize the study conditions and the quality of teaching, the University of Cologne continues to develop already proven concepts and takes the step from model to system accreditation.

Building on the Cologne Model, internal structures for quality assurance and development are both further expanded and, in parts, completely newly created. To ensure the longevity and sustainability of the measures and processes developed, the new central institution Q³ - Evaluation, Development & Accreditation was established. This institution, part of the Prorectorate for Teaching and Studies, is where the threads of evaluation, quality assurance and process development come together.

In close cooperation with the faculties' quality management offices, a structure has been created that can guarantee continuous further development and quality improvement in teaching and learning. The constant evaluation of the data collected before, during and after the studies enables a continuous process of further development.

The University of Cologne's quality assurance system is backed up by a meta-evaluation, which ensures that the system itself can also be repeatedly examined with a critical eye and adapted to new circumstances.

In order to cope with the increased volume of data and documents and the many stakeholders involved in the system accreditation process, the optimization of the digital workflow is also being considered. This is to ensure that quality assurance can be carried out digitally without friction losses.

All study programs to be accredited from now on will be transferred to the new system and can thus be supported and developed even better in the future.