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Our everyday (working) life is often characterized by lack of exercise, stress, and unhealthy eating habits. Get up on your feet and do something about it! UniSport will help you with its broad portfolio of top-rate exercise, fitness, sports, and relaxation activities as well as advice on nutrition.


More information about UniSport can be found here.

Organizational Development

The Organizational Development team advises administration and, if required, other university institutions in all organizational matters. As professional advisors, coordinators, and facilitators, the team also offers a wide range of advice on and assistance with preparing and implementing change measures.

For more information about Organizational Development at the UoC please click here.

Employee & Manager Counselling

We offer confidential, systemic, solution-oriented advice on, and coaching in, all management, psychosocial, and addiction-related topics for all technical, administrative, and academic employees and managers. We also provide conflict management expertise and mediation services. Arrange an appointment in good time if you or your team are dealing with, for example, conflicts, pressure, stress, mental problems or crises, or if you are concerned with health-promoting leadership, addiction prevention, self-care, uncertainties about roles and responsibilities, or need to prepare for a difficult meeting or decision.

More information about Employee & Manager Counselling can be found here.

Dual Career & Family Support

Dual Career & Family Support (CFS) is the first port of call at the University of Cologne for everything to do with the compatibility of (dual career) relationships/family and a career. As a central contact point, we provide information, counselling, and services, and help employees to find and maintain a good work-life balance, since the long-term reconciliation of all areas of life is the precondition for a person’s contentment, psychosocial health and capability for work.

More information about Dual Career & Family Support can be found here.

Occupational Health & Environmental Protection

Occupational Health & Environmental Protection encompasses all means and methods that contribute to improving employees’ health and safety. The top priority here is protection against work-related hazards and harmful effects. To ensure that these goals are put into practice successfully in the various departments, we advise and assist the respective managers and are at the same time a confidential point of contact that staff can turn to with their questions about occupational safety and health protection.

More information about Occupational Health & Environmental Protection can be found here.

Technical, Administrative, and Academic Staff Development

The two Staff Development units offer a broad range of (further) training measures and mentoring programmes as well as help with recruitment, but also individual job-related advice and coaching for academic staff as well as technical and administrative staff. A special focus is leadership and collaboration, which includes, for example, seminars on "Health-promoting Leadership" and stress/conflict management as well as advice on how to conduct successful staff appraisals.

More information about Academic Staff Development can be found here.

More information about Technical and Administrative Staff Development can be found here.

Operational Integration Management

Operational Integration Management (BEM) is a systematic and structured process for the reintegration of UoC employees with long-term or frequent short-term illnesses. Its primary objectives are on the one hand to restore, foster, and maintain employees’ ability to work and on the other hand to achieve long-term job security for individuals whose health is impaired. As a modern instrument of Occupational Health Management, it also contributes to reducing pressures harmful to health, promoting resources that are beneficial to it, reducing sick leave, and accumulating know-how that advantages the continuous improvement of the health situation at the University.

More information about Operational Integration Management can be found here.

University Medical Service

As a core element of occupational safety legislation, the goal of the University Medical Service is to foster and maintain the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of UoC staff. Our physicians’ job is to take precautions against health hazards that stem from unfavourable work conditions or factors outside the working world. They are also contact persons in whom you can confide any questions concerning you and your workplace from a medical perspective. Checking incapacity for work certificates is not part of their remit.

More information about the University Medical Service can be found here.