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From the survey via the workshops to local action plans and a OHM roadmap - for health-promoting working conditions at the University of Cologne

"OHM: a continuous improvement process." After the staff survey "Bielefeld Questionnaire" on psychosocial burdens and resources at the workplace was carried out in spring 2016, "OHM Workshops" took place between July 2017 and February 2018 in the faculties, the administration and the central facilities (so-called organisational units) of the university. The participants from science and administration developed needs-based goals and measures to counteract the stress patterns from the survey and to strengthen the resources of the employees. In the spring of 2018, the heads of the organisational units drew up official statements containing concrete action plans for the local implementation of high-priority measures in the respective areas. On this basis, the OHM Steering Committee has derived measures for a university-wide OHM roadmap in a strategy workshop, which will then be implemented - parallel to the local processes - in an implementation phase from 2018 to 2020. In order to check the effectiveness of these measures, an evaluation will take place in 2020 by means of a second staff survey with subsequent follow-up if necessary.

Process history

2020 Evaluation OHM workshops reloaded

The evaluation of measures to promote (psychosocial) health at the workplace is being carried out through a second series of workshops entitled "OHM workshops reoladed". From May 2020, workshops will be held in the faculties / central institutions / departments to check the effectiveness of the measures and to adjust them if a measure did not have the desired effect. Interested employees of all status groups are invited. The invitation is issued by the respective organisational unit. The documentation of all "OHM workshops reloaded" results completes the first cycle of the mental health risk assessment.

2018 - 2020 Implementation of the action plans in the faculties, university administration and central institutions

The two-year implementation period is supported by the OHM team, during which possible synergies are highlighted in "status discussions" with the heads of the organisational units, offers of personnel development are considered and the promotion of health-related measures via material resources of the Techniker Krankenkasse (cooperation partner of the UoC in the OHM) is examined.

2017 - 2018 Workshops Bielefeld Questionnaire

Based on the results of the "Bielefeld Questionnaire" staff survey, so-called "workshops" were offered in the faculties, university administration and central facilities in the period from summer to winter 2017/18. The workshops were used to derive suitable goals and measures that counteract the stress pattern described and further improve health at the workplace. They were conceived for all status groups at the UoC, i.e. for employees in technology/administration centrally as well as in the faculties, scientific staff and professors.
The workshops were followed in April 2018 by a strategy workshop of the OHM Steering Committee in order to decide on university-wide OHM goals and appropriate measures. At the same time, the faculties involved in the process, the university administration and the central facilities of the university were equipped with local action plans. These offer needs-based assistance in reducing stress at the workplace, developed in cooperation with the participants in the workshops.
For further information please have a look at the information package with the data sheets on the results of the whole university as well as the presentation documents from the information event of the 8th of March 2017 in the download area.

2016 Staff survey Bielefeld Questionnaire

The Chancellor, Dr. Michael Stückradt, and the Rector, Prof. Dr. Axel Freimuth, would like to express their sincere thanks for participating in the university-wide staff survey "Bielefeld Questionnaire".  More than 1400 employees in science and administration at the University of Cologne took part in the online survey on "Psychosocial stress at the workplace" in spring 2016. This corresponds to a response rate of approx. 27%.