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Affiliated Institutions: Interfaculty

Name of Institute Abbr. Address Founding year Managing Director
Institute of Insurance Science Insurance Economics Insurance Law Insurance Mathematics      IfVW Kerpener Str. 30
50937 Köln
1940 Prof. Dr. Heinrich R. Schradin (General Managing Director)

Prof. Dr. Christian Rolfs (VR)
Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Schmidli (VM)
Institute for Banking
and Banking Law
IfB Albertus-Magnus-Platz
50923 Köln
24/03/57 Prof. Dr. Thomas Hartmann-Wendels (Banking)
Prof. Dr. Klaus Peter Berger (Banking Law)
Grimme-Forschungskolleg gGmbH   Albertus-Magnus-Platz
50923 Köln
18/12/2014 Dr. Frauke Gerlach
Prof. Dr. Torsten Meyer (Academic Managing Director)

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