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Realising the Project

To organize a course across five national borders requires well planned preliminaries in the lecturer team. We planned this seminar approximately six months in advance – discussing possible subjects interesting for students of all nationalities and disciplinaries, arranging the actual timeframe of the seminar (due to different term settings) and most important: discussing our goals of teaching. When this was settled we arranged for each didactic step amongst us a responsible lecturer for this segment of the seminar, we discussed the form of groupwork we wanted to apply, the assignments and materials the students have to have access to and of course the preferred digital tool to be used. Each strategy meeting our student assistant Gian Knoll was present and discussed with us, how our ideas can be reproduced on the blended learning platform we decided to use (Moodle). He also supervised the registration of the international students to the Moodle-platform. This way we had a complete digital learning structure including all necessary assignments and materials when the seminar finally started. Nevertheless, regular short staff meetings are necessary during the whole term.

Gian Koll (UTE Lucerne) on coordinating the Project

Gian Koll (UTE Lucerne) reflecting on the organization