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German Courses

The German courses are offered by the department “German as a Foreign Language” of the University of Cologne.

Advanced German Course

In the framework of Studienstart International, you will attend a German course that corresponds to your language proficiency. On the basis of a placement test, you will be assigned to a skillrelated language course in which you for instance will perfect your listening and reading comprehension or improve your knowledge of grammar and text production.

For further information, please contact the Studienstart International team.

German for Medical Practitioners

This tutorial is designed to improve vocabulary, reading comprehension (including text-based grammar), listening comprehension and oral skills of future physicians. To achieve this, the following topics are addressed in the classroom:

  • anatomical images, hospital materials, hospital staff, places and departments in the hospital,
  • the German health system (from illness to recovery),
  • anamnesis,
  • physical examination (examples and documentation).

For further information, please contact the Studienstart International team.

Business German

The successful attendance of this tutorial can be credited to the Studium Integrale part of your degree programme (Faculty of Management, Economics, and Social Sciences). To do so, you must:

  • present the certificate of achievement at the faculty’s examination office.

Four credit points can be earned for this tutorial.

On the basis of lectures, technical texts from secondary literature, and diagrams, the course addresses basic topics of business administration, including:

  • legal forms of companies,
  • organization of companies (factors of successful companies),
  • human ressource management (motivation, leadership concepts),
  • accounting (profit and loss account, balance sheet),
  • marketing.

At the request of participants, selected topics from economics will also be addressed. For more information about this tutorial, please contact the department “German as a Foreign Language” of the UoC.

Tutorial “German Terminology for Medical Practitioners”

The aim of the tutorial is to make it easier for participants to enter the field of medicine both linguistically and professionally. The reduction of language barriers is more important than grammatically correct expressions, since such barriers can make it difficult to establish contact with patients during training. Therefore, this tutorial not only conveys the German terms for body parts and organs, working instruments and medical procedures, but also conversation techniques. In addition, participants gain an insight into the structures and processes of a physician’s everyday life. Individual clinical pictures and examples from everyday hospital life are discussed for illustration. The tutorial is offered by the Faculty of Medicine for students in Studienstart International.

For further information, please contact