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International Students: Changed Regulations for the Extension of Residence Permit During the Corona Pandemic

Information of the German Rector’s Conference, April 23rd, 2020


For your concrete request, please refer to the respective Foreigners' Office!

  • International students (non EU-citizens) can apply informally (e.g. via e-mail) for the extension of their residence permit if they are not able to return to Germany due to travel restrictions. They will be sent a so called „Fiktionsbescheinigung“, which has to be shown when entering Germany

  • For the extension of the residence permit you have to send the admission letter („Zulassung“) of a German university, but not necessarily the proof of financing.

  • Furthermore, international students are currently allowed to work more than the regular 120 full days/ 240 half days

  • International students and researchers (non EU-citizens), who are currently in Germany for study, research or a short-time mobility can receive an extension of their residence permit for 90 days


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