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Hyun Kwon

Qian Li

Felipe Caetano

Felipe Caetano, from Brazil, participated online in the Cologne Global Study Program in the summer semester 2020

Chris Richards

Chris Richards, from Canada, was a participant of the Cologne Globa Study Program in the winter semester 2019/20 and the summer semester 2020.

Jaquelin Alonso

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  • Jaquelin Alonso at the river rhine with the cologne cathedral and hohenzollern bridge in the background.
    Photo:Jaquelin Alonso
  • Jaquelin Alonso standing on a wall in front of the river rhine, cologne cathedral and the hohenzollern bridge.
    Photo:Jaquelin Alonso

Georgi Pavlov

Georgi Pavlov, from Bulgaria, is a fully enrolled student of the UoC and participated in several of the CGSP courses through the Studium Integrale. 

Eva Rath

Jessica Newman