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Dates: September 7th through September 18th, 2020

Topic: Myanmar Society & Culture


Seminars on politics, economy, history, religion, literature and language in Myanmar

In the afternoon:

Excursions and cultural activities


Location: Mandalay



- 600 € (includes accommodation, lunch, dinner, excursions, cultural activities, and course fee)*

- Flights and visa have to be paid for by the students individually


Number of participants: 

- 15 students from Germany


Eligibility requirements: 

Students who wish to apply have to be enrolled at the University of Cologne or at one of our China-NRW Alliance partner institutions.


Application deadline:

February 29th, 2020

How to apply:


For further information please contact:

Sarah-Marleen Dannenberg
University of Cologne 
International Office 
Universitätsstraße 22a 
Room 0.210 
Phone: 0221/470-7494 


*Students of the University of Cologne are eligible to be partly funded by the International Office. This will be subject to availability of third party funding. Students of China-NRW Alliance partner institutions can apply for a PROMOS scholarship at their respective home institution. This Summer School is part of the "Traveling Summer School" concept, therefore, students are invited to apply to the other Summer Schools within this project: the Summer School "Chinese Language" in Shanghai, the Summer School in Indonesia and the Summer School in India.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak the summer program in 2021 has been cancelled.