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Workshop offers

 Digital teaching

Since the summer semester 2020, lecturers have been prepared and supported technically and didactically to offer purely online seminars for the transition from classroom to digital teaching. This semester, too, there is a broad range of training courses, which deliberately include low-threshold offers as well as in-depth courses.
The CCE offers the following online seminars on teaching/learning scenarios with ILIAS and beyond:

  • Offering web/video conferences with zoom
  • Offer courses online in ILIAS: Your way from classroom to digital teaching
  • ILIAS tools compact
  • H5P modules in ILIAS
  • Create and edit videos (e.g., with Camtasia) and integrate them into ILIAS
  • Cooperative work with ILIAS tools
  • Design of ILIAS courses
  • Interactivity and collaboration in digital space (in cooperation with the Centre for University Didactics – ZHD)

Several dates are already on offer for most events. Individual trainings and consultations (also in small groups) are also possible.

A special offer is the weekly open consultation hour of the CCE, in which lecturers can ask questions about digital teaching and discuss individual problems. At present, the open hour takes place digitally. If you are interested, you can dial into the lectures via a zoom link.

The Center for Advanced Teaching and Learning (ZHD) offers you, in addition to the possibility of individual advice on course planning, a wide range of workshops with important topics relating to the field of digital teaching. These include activating students in digital teaching settings, collaborative methods, online supervision of student (final) theses, digital advice options in the organization of consultation hours and the sensible merging of digital teaching and examination settings. Further information can be found at:


Zoom tutorial of the Centre for Teacher Education for teachers

Mural Training

 Digital exams

Digital exams off campus can be taken in a special ILIAS environment; students take these exams at any location with internet access.
If you would like to offer a digital exam, the following CCE online seminars are available:

  • Overview of digital examination formats
  • Convert exam questions into ILIAS
  • Using ILIAS tests for digital examinations
  • Using ILIAS tutorials for theses and Open Book exams
  • Live support of your digital exam – troubleshooting on exam day
  • Evaluation & analysis of results in ILIAS
  • Consultation hour exam check: Make sure that your exam is running smoothly.

You can find all current dates on the Training website of the CompentenceCenter E-Learning.

In terms of Constructive Alignment, examinations cannot be thought of in isolation from the actual teaching. This applies to face-to-face teaching as well as to digital teaching. The Center for Advanced Teaching and Learning will be happy to support you in workshops or individual consultations (or consultations in small teams) in establishing a fit between learning outcomes, teaching and testing, also in the digital space. In addition, the ZHD will be happy to support you in the development of (ungraded) formative learning controls, which enable your students to learn better through direct feedback and self-efficacy. Further information can be found on the homepage of the Center for Advanced Teaching and Learning.

 Participation of students (multipliers)

Students, especially student assistants at chairs, also have the opportunity and are welcome to participate in the training courses on digital teaching. These courses convey important skills that support (digital) teaching, either at the chair itself or in a job supporting digital teaching. We are currently planning offers for students so that they can acquire a certificate of participation for certain training courses, after which they will be able to use their knowledge specifically in the support of digital teaching.


 Advice on working with open educational materials (OER)

For personal advice on OER and CC licences, please contact the OER contact person of the Vice-Rectorate for Teaching and Studies.. In addition, the Centre Network Media offers a comprehensive consulting concept on OER, with a focus on the creation of image and video material. You can find information on OERinform. Our OER expert Ms. Vildan Cetin (Network Media) will be happy to advise you.