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Digital Education @ UoC

We live in a digital world. However, the effects, risks and potentials of digitization and their interdependence with human activity, causal processes of nature and control by algorithms are often understood only by experts, while the majority of society hardly ever understands this complexity.

Promoting digital education for all stakeholderes is a major concern of the University of Cologne in the field of study and teaching. The aim is to enable all actors to move confidently in a digital society, to act responsibly in it and to think and act in a future-oriented manner.

In the past few months I have worked with participants from all areas of the university in a participatory, interdisciplinary, co-creative strategy process to develop a working paper in which the holistic understanding of digital education at the University of Cologne is outlined. It includes digital teaching and learning as well as digital responsibility and data science. I elaborated and discussed these thoughts in a Fireside Chat on April 29, 2021.

On this page you will now find an overview and material on digital education. A first focus is on scenarios of digital teaching and learning, information and offers.

I wish you many exciting and enriching impressions while visiting this website


Professor Dr Beatrix Busse

Vice Rector for Teaching and Studies

Digital Education @ UoC

Digital Teaching and Learning

Your comments and suggestions

Your feedback on the start of the digital semester is important to us. As teachers, what challenges and opportunities do you see in the transition to digital teaching? What is already working well, where is there room for improvement? Please let us know. We will compile your questions and topics as quickly as possible in a FAQ list and answer or try to clarify them. If you have any questions about technology and educational methods, please contact the support centres listed below

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