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Crisis management at the University

The university headship has set up a crisis management team to deal with the pandemic. As a rule, it has met weekly since the end of February 2020. The crisis management team advises the Rectorate and proposes measures. Decisions on the measures are made by the responsible bodies, usually the Rectorate.
The tasks of the crisis management team include assessing the current situation, evaluating the applicable state and federal requirements, and coordinating the University’s infection control measures decided by the Rectorate and communicating them.

It is composed of representatives of the university headship and the central administration:

  • Rector (chair)
  • Chancellor (management)
  • Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies
  • Permanent representative of the Chancellor
  • Head of Division 4 – Human Resources
  • Head of Department 54 – Infrastructural Facility Management
  • Head of Division 8 – Communications and Marketing
  • Head of Department 92 – International Students
  • Head of Staff Unit 02 – Legal Services, Security and Environmental Matters
  • Management of the department ‘Digital Studies’

The crisis management team is supported by a coordinator from the Rectorate.

The crisis management team and the university headship are in close contact with other relevant persons and departments. The chairpersons of the Staff Councils for Academic and Artistic Staff as well as Non-Academic Staff are informed and involved on a weekly basis immediately following team meetings by the head of the Human Resources Division and also via the usual channels of participation. As a rule, the university headship also exchanges information with the management of the Faculties on a weekly basis. In the area of teaching and studies, there is also a regular exchange between the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies and the student representatives, the deans of studies, the representatives of the examination offices, the central institutions and the university administration.

For university employees, the university has set up an information office that is available for questions and, if necessary, establishes contact with the crisis management team. It can be reached at