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Information on the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

Regulations on teaching and examinations are described separately under "Information for students and faculty".

Current Hygiene and Safety Regulations

The University has restructured its hygiene and safety measures. Instead of the old Hygiene and Protection Directive (HygSchRL), four new guidelines are now in force governing

These guidelines have been adopted by the rectorate in consultation with the crisis management team and the staff councils. They are limited until 31 March 2022. With these regulations, it is possible to react more flexibly to changing legal requirements in the above-listed areas.

Legal basis

In principle, the following applies: (Stricter) regulations of the state or the federal government always take precedence over internal UoC regulations. Also, state and federal regulations are usually so detailed that the UoC generally does not neet (stricter) internal regulations. Below, you will find a comparison of selected state and federal regulations of our own and related external regulations, The comparison will be updated continuously.

Frequently asked questions from the practice

Regulations on selected areas about which we frequently receive inquiries are briefly presented below. The more detailed regulations can be found either in the internal Hygiene Protection Directive or in external regulations.

Good to know!

  • Testing options for university employees are described here.
  • The University recommends that all students and employees get vaccinated. Employees can also make vaccination appointments during working hours after consultation with the manager (this then counts as working time). Within the framework of the flexitime agreement, a credit will be given if the appointment falls within regular working hours (service time). Before and after the vaccination appointment, work must be resumed immediately (provided that vaccination after-effects do not impair the ability to work).
  • A mask must be worn in all buildings used by the University in areas open to the public. The University also strongly urges everyone to wear a mask indoors! Medical masks must be worn during face-to-face examinations as well as teaching and in libraries, and when required for reasons of occupational health and safety or as far as required by the Corona Protection Ordinance NRW.
  • In August 2021, the University carried a Survey on the Vaccination Status among students, faculty, and staff.


Information office

The University has set up an information office for students, faculty, and staff. It can be reached via the following e-mail address:

Information about the organization of crisis management is available here.