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Information on the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

Here you will find information provided by the Rectorate and the crisis management team of the University of Cologne on current measures taken in regard to the coronavirus ( SARS CoV-2 ). This page is updated regularly.

The Rectorate urges you to take a reasonable approach to the current situation and to be sensible and non-discriminatory when addressing the topic and dealing with each other.

For the summer semester 2021, the Hygiene and Protection Directive of the University of Cologne applies.

Federal and state requirements currently go beyond the provisions set out in this Directive in some cases and are presented on this website.

Information on rapid tests for members of the University



At a glance:

  • Information on testing possibilities for University members are available here.

  • As of 7 June 2021, the University is offering its employees a vaccination service through the company medical service. More information is available here. The offer also applies to students who are in a service or employment relationship with the UoC (such as student assistants).

    Students on the medical campus have also already been offered vaccinations. Whether UoC students can generally be vaccinated on a larger scale is still being checked.

  • Employees may also attend vaccination appointments during working hours. The date and expected duration of the appointment must be agreed with the responsible supervisor as soon as possible in good time. The vaccination appointment is considered working time. Within the framework of the DV flexitime, the appointment will be credited if it takes place during office hours.
    Work must be resumed immediately before and after the vaccination appointment. If a vaccination causes after-effects that impair your ability to work, the usual regulations on incapacity for work will of course apply. In this case, please report to your supervisor that you are unfit for work.

  • Face-to-face teaching and face-to-face examinations have been possible again to a great extent since 7 June 2021, but are subject to high organizational hurdles. Faculty and lecturers can decide on their own responsibility whether they want to return to the classroom for the rest of the summer semester 2021 under the given conditions.

  • In the winter semester 2020/21 and in the summer semester 2021, a free shot attempt regulation (Freiversuchsregelung) applies. In addition, for the summer semester 2020 and the winter semester 2020/21, the standard period of study has been extended.

  • Library lending operations are permitted subject to strict compliance with the hygiene and infection control requirements laid out in the NRW Corona Protection Ordinance. Library lending operations are permitted in compliance with the hygiene and infection protection requirements specified in the NRW Corona Protection Ordinance. Workstations are also available again under these conditions.

  • In all buildings used by the University, a mouth-and-nose cover (everyday mask) must be worn. Medical masks must be worn during face-to-face examinations and face-to-face teaching, and if required for reasons of occupational health and safety or according to the Corona Protection Ordinance NRW.

  • House bans are in effect to reduce the risk of infection.

  • Whenever possible, University employees should work from home and minimize their presence at the University. At the same time, work in research and administration continues.

  • All business travel and face-to-face work meetings that are not absolutely necessary should be cancelled. In cases of compelling necessity, the dean or the head of the central institution is responsible for authorizing business trips and field trips/excursions. For the central administration, the chancellor decides. Business trips to high-risk areas are not permitted.

  • For every case of a person’s physical presence at the University, the Hygiene and Protection Directive as well as legal regulations for contact tracing according to Section 4a of the Corona Protection Ordinance must be observed. Employees are requested to provide their contact details.

  • The premises of the University are reserved at least until the end of the lecture period of the summer semester 2021 (23 July 2021) for face-to-face examinations, face-to-face teaching as well as other events required in the future for official purposes. Until then, no rooms within the University can be made available for other classroom events (especially those with external participants, e.g. conferences, meetings, workshops).


Information office

The University has set up an information office for students, faculty, and staff. It can be reached via the following e-mail address:

Information about the organization of crisis management is available here.