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Vocational training

The University of Cologne is not only a training location for students, it also offers a wide spectrum of attractive and practice-oriented vocational training courses, including 18 different occupations in crafts, technical, commercial and scientific fields. There is something for all educational levels: from the extended lower secondary school leaving certificate to the technical secondary school leaving certificate and the (technical) Abitur.

In cooperation with the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, we also offer a dual course of study in Computer Science (B.Sc.) combined with training as an IT specialist in system integration.

In 2010, the University of Cologne received the honorary prize of the Cologne Chamber of Crafts as a top training institution. Because of its exceptional performance, the University won in all advertised categories. In particular, the Chamber honoured our training results, our consideration of the needs of disabled persons and our promotion of young women in craft and technical professions.


Overview of vocational training occupations

Here you can find an verview of all vocational training occupations (in German) with information about requirements, tasks and training procedures, contact persons and application deadlines:



in the first
year of training


your daily meal
at the canteen


stations to discover with VRS-Jobticket
at your disposal


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for your fitness



Information for applicants

Are you interested in vocational training or an internship at the University of Cologne? Then this might interest you:


Andrea Frank
Mitarbeiterin Personalentwicklung
Telefon +49 221 470-1864
Fax +49 221 470-5460

Eva Skowronnek
Mitarbeiterin Personalentwicklung
Telefon +49 221 470-5450
Fax +49 221 470-5460