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Foto: © Lisa Beller

Participation: Doctoral candidate representatives

Each faculty of the University of Cologne appoints two doctoral candidate representatives. These serve as contact for all doctoral candidates within their respective faculty and as ambassadors for their needs and interests.

Although doctoral candidates do not constitute a formal status group at the University of Cologne, their representatives work closely with the Albertus Magnus Center and participate in several regular meetings. Thus, they form an important link between doctoral candidates as a whole, the Albertus Magnus Center, the Deans and the Rectorate.

All current doctoral candidate representatives may be contacted via e-mail through


Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences

Herr Max R.P. Grossmann

Frau Helena Heberer



Faculty of Law

Mr Maximilian Rudolphi

Ms Julia Alida Müschen



Faculty of Medicine

Mr Jan Werner

Ms Liza Maus



Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Ms Verena Wurth

Ms Anne Korfmacher



Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Mr Valentin Rappel

Mr Joss Pepe Strache



Faculty of Human Sciences

Ms Marie Sophia Heide

Ms Franziska Gnest