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The possible career paths during and after the postdoctoral phase are varied, both inside and outside the university. In its Strategic Guidelines on Career Paths for Early-career Researchers in the Postdoc Phase, the University of Cologne describes transparent and clearly defined career paths with a focus on research, teaching and research management. Postdocs can also opt for non-university career paths, e.g. in business, public administration, foundations, politics, culture, media and education.

The Albertus Magnus Center offers a target group-oriented and interdisciplinary programme to support postdocs in their career planning and development. We offer a wide range of personnel development services, from individual consulting, workshops, networking events and self-assessments to coaching. We look forward to being in touch with you. 

To support you in the transition from the advanced postdoctoral phase to a permanent professorship, the Junior Faculty Club also offers consulting and networking services for all postdocs at the University of Cologne or institutions of the Research Alliance Cologne. It also acts as a central communication and information platform as well as an advocacy group.

Good to know:

In collaboration with Vitae, EUniWell offers access to the Researcher Development Framework (RDF). The RDF Planner is an online competency management application specifically designed for the personal and professional development of Early Career Researchers. With this tool you can explore the different areas of expertise related to research, set personal development goals and improve your competences in each area by setting goals, carrying out activities and creating an evidence-based portfolio of your achievements.

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